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I must admit — I’m so in tune to organic food initiatives that I never stopped to think about what the human resistance would eat in post-apocalyptic times.

ter1280x768No worries — I came across a video from a self-ascribed, hacker/ anarchist/ chef — which explains, in considerable detail, everything I need to know about fucking around with my all-clad pots after the ruination of society as-we-know-it, by the Great Industrial Complex. Enjoy!


I’m ready…

Epicures all over the world are beholden to the wonder of POTS and PANS.Β  I draw the line… right here and now. Pick a side. Don’t be a sniveling wimp. ADD YOUR COMMENT TO THIS POST and make your case for your favorite POTS. Why should anyone part with the pots they already swear by? I challenge you to make your case!

As for myself and for wrenching reasons of childhood recollection, I am an unrepentant soldier in the ALL-CLAD camp. I couldn’t imagine cooking with any other group of pots and pans.Β  However, most of my family spends their time in a weird nebula of value-priced, Calphalon construct.

I look forward to the ongoing discussion! This means WAR! πŸ™‚

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